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06-30-2011, 10:30 PM
We now have a New Function to Register and Become a Member of ICC. If you have a Validated Facebook account you can click the FB Connect button at the top of page to Join, You will be Prompted to include a User Name and Password and a Valid Email Address, You will then recieve a Verification Email Link to complete Registration.
This will will then Link you FB and ICC registration making it simpler to log on here in future. The ICC has also added FB Like just as you have on FB , and many other Bookmarks.

So after you Join, Have a Look around , Registration is FREE, You will have Access to 1/3 of the Site, If you enjoy and want to View More, Then you may want to consider becoming a Full Member.There are many other Threads in the Full Members Area including Detailed Pictures of Restorations ETC.. Details of Full Membership are posted else where,

Admin/ Mod