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07-28-2014, 07:10 PM
How to become part of the International Christine Club..

The International Christine Club comprises of fans of the movie and book "Christine".
Many people have come into ownership through being a member that otherwise may have never found their dream.

If you'd like to join, then simply just Press the Register link , Fill out your details, You will then receive a Email for you to Activate, This confirms your email to be yours and stops Spammers from registering and posting None topic threads and spam, Once the Admin receive the Alert that you have verified your email, they will then open your membership.. (normally this is very quickly depending if Admin are online)

You can also join the Club by using the Facebook Connect button, This then also confirms your details and again once Admin are Alerted to your Registration, they will open your membership

Once your membership is activated you will be able view half the forum and post threads and Pictures ETC, The Complete Forum becomes open and available once you have 30 Posts, Again ALL this is FREE.. The Complete Forum consists of all the Tech Area where you can Read and receive some awesome knowledge.

Also we are in the process of running a Raffle possibly Twice a year for our Members, Prizes can range from T-Shirts to Movie Cast Signed Memorabilia. Some exciting and great things are always being considered , So why not join and become a Member of the Christine Community for the Fans of Christine the Movie and Book..