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    A place for fans of the movie, book and Christine cars to meet from all over the world to discuss the famous 1958 Plymouth "Christine". We have people from all around the globe and new members are welcome.
    We are the number one Christine car club site in the world, call in and say hi. If you are interested in 1957-8 Plymouths or any other sort of antique car, especially Mopars, this is the place to get a prompt, friendly answer to any of your mechanical or bodywork questions.
    Remember there are more sections available for registered members...see "How to Become a Member of the ICC" inside!
    Published on 11-14-2011 11:40 AM

    Open invitation to join the icc.
    Over the years there have been many Plymouth related clubs come and go and sadly many excellent people have been lost as these forums disappeared, at the ICC we don't want to see any ...