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  1. Hi Kurza: I foundwww, The same pattern in 'diamonds'. Was yours squares? or did you cut at an angle? 216$ a sheet isn't bad! Marc.
  2. I bought it from a company called stainless sections in Sydney, Australia. If you google some stainless splashbacks over there you may find something similiar they use in kitchens. and its normally think enough to do the job.
  3. Hi Bad Boy: What is the name of the of your metal supplier? Do they havea web site? Is it a stock pattern? What did a sheet cost? I am rebuilding a 1958 2 door post sedan. Thanks! Marc in Texas.
  4. Hi mate,

    Sure here you go;

  5. badBoy: Could you post a pic of your car and a pic if the 'insert' material? Thanks! Marc.
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