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Thread: **wanted!!:: 1958/57 plymouth fury, belvedere, savoy 2door

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    **wanted!!:: 1958/57 plymouth fury, belvedere, savoy 2door

    I've been looking for a 58/57 Plymouth Fury, Belvedere, Savoy 2 door Project for about 10 years now, Christine has been my dream car ever since I was 4 Years old. I haven't been having much good luck on trying to find a Project one (Decent Condition)
    So if anyone has one or knows of one for sale please email me on:

    Thank You Very Much, I really Appreciate your help!


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    welcome sure someone here will be able to point you in the right direction.

    where do you live?
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    Hi Nate, welcome aboard. "Christine(s)" are still out there to be found. Although most of them in decent shape are not cheap. I was able to find my dream project about a year after joining the club. I got her off of ebay and I did find the link to her here in our club.

    Please take the time to fill out your user profile and upload some picts of other old cars you may have. We're all old car enthusists and it doesn't have to be a Christine or even a Mopar for the club to enjoy seeing it!
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    I may sell mine after the first of the year, but she will be restored..... I have alot of other cars I am working on so she keeps me company in the shop. aboard, you will find what your looking for here!

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    Something like this mate?
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    Thank You All for the warm welcomes :) I live in New-Zealand, But looking for a project any where in the world as I know of a few very good and help full shipping company's.
    I'm looking for any 2door 58/57 Plymouth :)

    Thank You all once again!

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    Nate Have you kept an eye on trademe as well, there have been 2 or 3 pop up on there in the last couple of years or you could go the way I went and contact John(Big M) he would be able to sort you out a good one.

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    Hey mate, Yes I have been checking trademe but no luck I have been sorting stuff out with BigM at the moment .

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    I've got a solid fully running 58 2 door hardtop that I could consider selling. Send me a PM or email me at for some reason my outlookexpress is not working.

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