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Thread: My 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

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    Tapered axles, they are supposed to be tight.

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    Heres an easy one.................

    This is for the hard ones. I destroyed a puller like the one in the video and bought the one below on ebay for 90 dollars.........I wish shipping was cheaper, I'd lend it to you....

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    This video was made before Lee's car was burned up in the fire and other unfortunate things came to be......
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    Pretty, pretty, pretty.

    What mods do you have to do to get it road legal over there?

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    Just watched the video above. The key to sucess is the sudden jolt of the impact wrench. A slower turn by hand would not work as well.

    John's puller works coz it's made for smaking with a hammer - see the little anvils on the turn handle.
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    If you go to a 4wd shop they will have the slide hammer style puller, I've used them on diffs that have been sitting outside for years with success cost about $120

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