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Thread: Christine The Movie Car In Pictures

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    Christine The Movie Car In Pictures

    Heres a couple pictures of Christine for the club to look at.

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    Thanks Earl, that door and fender alignment sure do look messed up. 10 + hammer down rubber ducky.

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    Yeah good Buddy, thats a big 10-4 dere and we'll catch on da flip side, we is gone 10-10.

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    Martin Puts Bill's Christine on You Tube!

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    the movie scene she stars in.

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    We need more results Earl!

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    oh snap!!!

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    Is it me, or is the grill and headlight shields painted a dull silver?? Maybe for on screen reflections??

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    Yes you are correct. They did that to keep the glare down.

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    No Backup light! The plate has a smaller Q ...

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    Looks like a gold Dodge poly valve cover to me Earl!

    No backup light? Isn't it just off? I thought she was still in drive at that moment.
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    No I have the same blank plate on mine as well.... Dodge poly? hmmm....

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    miss dereks and my christine...

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    Hello Coach! she is finally as she was when you had her, she is alive and well. Hope your doing good.

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    Good to hear from you Coach! I hope you are well.
    Go outside and enjoy life.

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    Coach..... mate..... it's good to hear from you!!

    I'll send you an email soon, a lots been happening since you last stopped by the ICC (on it's old site).

    Everything's good!

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    Good to see you, Coach!!

    Big M Auto-

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    Good to hear from you and I saw her at the Celebration Florida Exotic Car Show, she was doing good & looking great.
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