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Thread: 318fins 1958 Belvedere build

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    Started up my 318 this past weekend still need to fine tune had it at a fast idle, do these starters usually draw a lot of power? seems like it needs a hellacious battery I had starter rebuilt, took a few batt.drains and charge ups before got her going. Its charging went with a gm alternator because its just too easy and low-buck.

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    Wow! Not only does that engine look spectacular, she sounds terrific! Very, very nice work, C!

    So powerful, it blew a fender right off the car!

    Good show, Carlos!!
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    Blimey, that's loud Carlos

    I experimented putting a few on my Starter until I read many other different forum threads form other Mopar etc. clubs advising not to do it.

    But before I took the fuse out, my starter was blowing 30 to 40 amp fuses.
    Everything's good!

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    Sounds Great Carlos...


    Okay. That's the last time you run that mechanical asshole in here without an exhaust hose... I catch you doing it one time, and you're out,

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    Woohay! It's alive

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    Thanks Pete I havent' had time to finish up repairing the fender had some brow damage hopefully i can get it to look good otherwise may have to get another one. Thanks Clive and Lee im thinking about using the walker quiet flow stainless mufflers ,they are supposed to be pretty ,quiet thanks Ely!

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    Good to see you getting closer Carlos.

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    Thank you Brett!
    Hello everyone its been awhile its been busy season at work and im left with very little time to do much of anything on my car, I finally found a more solid front drivers fender,as well as a few other parts I took off a wagon in Kerville ,Tx Ill be taking more parts off it I dont really need such as the steering box which has and aluminum housing and the power brake setup.

    Ive also been working on the fiberglass dual quad air cleaners about to pop-off first set from newly made fiberglass molds with gelcoat and all.
    I kinda learned the process and found the correct quality materials.I found out the hard way that fiberglass materials are not all created equal... will upload pics of those on coming days so far the molds I made from the die look very very nice

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    Solid fender and straight lower grille...nice finds.

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    Hola Carlos! Your doing well.
    Think outside the box. Use your imagination.

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    Thanks Brett Hello Eddie! ,yeah Brett this fender lots more solid than one I had on there the brow not rusty however it has a dent on the brow hope I can make it work,sent fender and lower grille to get blasted this other lower grille had the stainless trim so Im going with that. may sell the other one I have.
    that brow quite involved has 3 faint lines.
    I also picked up some decent stone guards that dont fit my car, came off wagon will unload those as well.

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    Carlos great work as usual, It will take me a while to get caught up on you guys builds ect, bujt I will as time gos by , Nice to have some of myh olld friends on here and making some new ones. Dosent get much better then that :)

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    Got to get some spelll check LOL

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    Thanks Bobby Im behind on my build ,I bought a Peterbilt in Feb. so Ive been working on that when I can hopefully will be ready by years end so I can put it to work.
    I just popped off the first air cleaner came out ok except i messed up the lower edge on both the mold and new cleaner in the removal process so ill have to make another mold
    at least I got in some practice and will know what to watch out for on the next ones.

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    Good to see you still working on her Carlos. Where in the word did you ever come up with that color engine paint. LOL Carlos by the way folks got my valve covers and air cleaners chromed for me. That must have been what, maybe two years ago.
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    Jim! wondered where you went Glad to see you here ! I look forward to catch up on your progress on your build your probably driving her by now? ,indeed still working on my ride .today i just melted ,removed undercoating that was inside the doors and quarters glad I did even though I got car blasted it didn't remove it all and was future rust-thru waiting to happen as its bare metal underneath that rubberized undercoating,will apply new shutz later.
    I made a mold out of one of your lids finally got around to making dies and molds,will probably do a couple sets and move on.

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    Just got a 3 day weekend finally and took a little time to align the door /fender gaps,it took some doing ,since my car has been pretty well worked over or extremely worked on its safe to say acheiving some decent gaps werent going to happen through just re-assembly ,so I pulled out the drill bits and went to work on all 14 holes of the hinges on the driverside,basically just oval out the holes on the door side to get lots of adjustment space,and made the holes a little bigger on the pillar side of the hinges to get more in/out adjustment.
    It actually worked quite easily after that.

    I do need to go back and correct that rocker to lower fender corner gap, was unexpected as I didnt have fenders on when I welded that rocker in.
    Im going to paint her this summer hopefully,Im just doing the gaps because Im going to do the bodywork /paint with all the panels in place, I simply am not careful or patient enough yet to paint the front end dissasembled,Id be to scratch the panels during re-assembly.
    Ill line up the passenger side and start the body work.
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    Looking great Carlos, I think all these cars need a little massaging to get the gaps right, I expect to be doing the same to mine.

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    Thanks Norm Your build is very Impressive its coming along great.

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    these are some odd pics. I decided to remove the last vestiges of undercoating/sound deadener on the inside of doors and one of the quarter/window/panel area.Apparantly the media blaster either missed or couldnt quite get all that rubberized stuff off, so is used the method Id learned from Big M ,propane torch and a scraper,
    was very uncomfortable but well worth it some of this stuff really did its job and revealed clean bare metal upon removal. Some of it didnt especially the jute -rubber mixture on the one of the quarters.was a rust liability for sure.
    Ill clean it with acetone and scuff and spray with self etching primer and epoxy, I was worried if I left the stuff on there that it could form rust from the inside out and ruin paint.
    Ill then spray some new rubber shutzs afterwards.
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