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Thread: Christine and Time Machine exclusive page

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    Christine and Time Machine exclusive page

    Hello there, many of you know me as owning Christine the #2 stunt car that chased Moochie. I have added and finished another dream movie car and added it to my collection, in doing so with the help of a James I was able to create a new FB page to feature and promote both of them. Please come by and visit and give me a "Like" to my page. I just did a huge event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery when they played BTTF, it was awesome seeing a 3 block line of people waiting for a photo op. I did plant the seed to have Christine shown there as well and I would bring her over. She will be at the Ventura County C4 Comicon event this Sept 6-8. Both cars will be there on display along with Malcolm.
    New FB

    Also, for those near Redlands Calif both cars will appear at Superbad Action Figures Sept 14. Check out and like the FB page for details.
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    Well, Martin, you don't think Christine will get jealous with that silver thing around, do you?

    If so, I could care for Christine!

    Just kidding! The page looks great! (as well as the cars!)

    When I was in college, a girl had a DeLorean as a daily driver, it was a neat car and most everyone though it was more expensive than it was.
    It was just a few years old. The girl was pretty popular, too! More popular than the girl that drove the old Checker, anyways!
    "Stick with me, kid, and you'll have horse turds as big as diamonds."

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    Looking good Martin. Good to see lots of fresh pics up of the Moochie Chaser too.

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    I met the the guy that you bought your time machine from, small world. He was hangin out with Vinnie Paul of Pantera at a bar opening I went to.

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