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Thread: 1965 Ford Custom 500

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    Yeah I know. Wanting a car when you have ridden bicycles for too long just makes you keep looking for the right one.

    Saw this 1966 Galaxie 500 4 Door Hardtop on CL for $950 and kind of got excited until I looked at the pictures and noticed some weird places for rust. Everything about the car is great except for that Rust. But it still looks like less rust than the Custom 500.

    I would only consider that one if any of these cars are at any yards and they can cut one up for those spots on the body to be put onto this one.
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    He finally lowered the price for the 66 Galaxie which is what I hoped but he sells the bumpers and the headlight bezels first, Oh well. Those gone and the rust makes the car not worth it at any price.

    I haven't spotted anything else except for a 1979 Ford truck for $600 in Baconton GA.
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    I have emailed about a 1977 Plymouth Volare in Clearwater and maybe I can get an email back. Also I would have to figure out a way to bring it here to Auburndale.

    It's for $795.
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    For the asking price the Plymouth look very nice,, So much better than the condition of others you have listed,

    Goodluck mate

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    I finally got an email back but of course it sold to someone else.
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    That link's gone Mat.
    Everything's good!

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    Yeah he took it down when I got the email back from him Thursday. Too bad I didn't save the pics because it looked great.
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    We just got a trailer yesterday so there is a hold until at least next month to get another car. So the better deals further away from us is now possible to get.

    Whenever we get the time we need to get the title & tag done.

    I was second to get it because the other guy he had came by to see it didn't offer him enough for it. And he delivered it for us to our home.
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    Got the title and tag done for the trailer and back to searching this month.

    Saw a 75 Plymouth on the side of the road the other day and looked at it yesterday but very disappointing as it was treated terribly over the years. I heard stories about patchwork done but this was the worse I heard and known of. Body was rusted and patched with stuff to fix walls in your home yet some how was driven until 2002 from the sticker on the old tag.
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    Just a question.

    Does anyone know anything about when buying cars from nontitle states? Does the bill of sale from a nontitle state help you get a title in a title state?

    I don't really want to do such a thing but I would just like to know.
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    I believe a bill of sale is all you need, but I'd check with your local DMV to be certain, as every state has different laws regarding titling.

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    I have checked on the DMV site but they don't give much info at all although all they do is give not so very detailed info. Nothing about buying out of State from those without a title law.

    The DMV itself isn't close enough to go and ask.
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    I had posted my dads 1999 Ford Crown Victoria on Craigslist for $3000 OBO so wish him luck.

    Can't afford to fix it and keep it on insurance so it's going. Driving great until the fuel pump went out a few years back and some will money will go to fixing another car we have.
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    Are those fuel pumps so expensive?

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    They are $225 at the lowest. We don't have jacks that can lift it high enough to get the tank out which doesn't help because the car is low enough to the ground to need to do that.

    Also we have another car that needs the fuel pump that works but the last time I guess we over filled the tank because the next day fuel started coming out so we have to take it to get it back on with most likely a new seal. They wanted about $200 to lift it and take the tank down and around the same amount to put it back up after paying to get the pump resealed. Unless the fuel line became loose or rusted at the tank.

    We had an emergency as well this past month & a half too.
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    Update: Even though I couldn't be able to fix the body panels. I wished I didn't sell the Custom 500 but at least put it up to trade it for another car because I haven't found another yet.
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