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Thread: Bloodhound's Christine

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    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Yes, that's the stuff we use here. It's also called cupro-nickel and is highly reccomended for marine applications because of it's resistance to seawater corrosion. It's about 90% copper 10% nickel. I don't know about the coated steel fixings though because they could end up the weaker link in the system over time. they will corrode and swell.
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Thanks for the info, guys!
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    Spruced up the carbs before installation day comes. They were rebuilt several years ago and needed bit of optical TLC! :) Nothing but the best for Christine! :)

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    Just had to set em on the motor to get a preview! :) Been waiting for this for 12+years... I'm not setting deadlines anymore and just going with the flow. It'll be started when its ready and that's that. :)

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    Yes,don't kill your self rushing it now. Enjoy the ride and don't stress out.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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