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Thread: Bloodhound's Christine

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    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 58Belvedere View Post
    Yes, that's the stuff we use here. It's also called cupro-nickel and is highly reccomended for marine applications because of it's resistance to seawater corrosion. It's about 90% copper 10% nickel. I don't know about the coated steel fixings though because they could end up the weaker link in the system over time. they will corrode and swell.
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Thanks for the info, guys!
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    Spruced up the carbs before installation day comes. They were rebuilt several years ago and needed bit of optical TLC! :) Nothing but the best for Christine! :)

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    Just had to set em on the motor to get a preview! :) Been waiting for this for 12+years... I'm not setting deadlines anymore and just going with the flow. It'll be started when its ready and that's that. :)

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    Yes,don't kill your self rushing it now. Enjoy the ride and don't stress out.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Conan! What is best in life?

    "To crush your enemies. See them driven before you.... And the 350 Golden Commando with Dual 4's!!!" :lol:

    Carbs are installed and hopefully it's permanent! Dual quad linkage is restored and custom made stainless throttle return springs galore! Soon my friends! Very soon! :)

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    OOOH Yeahhhh!
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Here's where I'm at. Getting there bit by bit. As for the fan and radiator issue? I took some measurements and can make them work with some minor modifications to the fan blades and the radiator shroud! This makes me very happy as I can return the electric fan I bought and keep somewhat of a factory appearance! :)

    Special thanks to Marc for giving me a crash course on converting to HEI ignition. I'm going to go with converting the Golden Commando factory dual point distributor number IBS-4006B using a Pertronix Module. Not sure which one just yet as I have questions for Pertronix support but I will be sure and share when the time comes. As for the coil? Going to go with the Pertronix 40011 Flame-Thrower which will enable me to bypass the Ballast Resistor. I'd like to use the Pertronix 3rd generation module with programmable rev limiter and HEI performance but not sure it can be done. Time will tell. :)


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    I got a lot of work done yesterday and today. I find that everything I do now is very rewarding as its all "finish" work. I reinstalled the gas tank today with an in line filter between the tank and fuel line. Fit like a glove and I'm glad I took the time to properly align the supports with the body off the frame.

    Today I tightened up the power steering pump and belt as well as the generator/ac compressor with dual belts after aligning everything perfectly. From there I wired up the generator with the new condenser that showed up in the mail friday. I even made a special trip to the hardware store for a brass ground screw! That's become my trademark as I like to add brass screws, nuts or washers here and there to compliment the colors! Once I get the labels printed that part of the restoration is finished.

    I tend to be my own worst enemy sometimes though. If I get hung up on a part of the build or something I don't like I tend to obsess over it and spend more money than I should! LOL... After busting my ass on my back putting in the tank I hated how the gas filler cap fit so I spent $135.00 on an original Mopar locking gas cap. Now I know I'm certifiably nuts. :lol: Also ordered an NOS headlight foot switch as well.

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    NOS horn ring and horn button finally installed. FA FA FABULOUS!

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    Looking Good! M.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Inching ever closer day by day. I've had to overcome several petty issues but so far so good. To be quite honest "I spent a shitload of money on her" but oh well. I got the orange mopar ignition control module, harness, pertronix flamethrower coil, starter solenoid, custom plug wires, cap, rotor and shifter cable. The cable I had was to short to fit through the correct hole in the firewall so I had no choice but to spend $287.00 for a brand new one. Here's where I'm at as of today... Front clip is back on, radiator is in etc etc. :) Stay tuned for more updates very soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goat19642004 View Post
    Very nice!
    Thanks John! :)

    Today's progress was a lot of fun! I installed the Voltage Regulator, starter solenoid, and A/C specific horns. After I got the regulator and solenoid wired I was a bit aggravated. The voltage regulator mounts "upside down" in appearance although the mounting holes and pole positions are accurate. I guess I'll have to live with it. The ballast resistor at the regulator had to be kicked out to minimize the chance of it arcing off the battery post on the regulator. This wreaked havoc on my OCD as you might imagine! LOL. I'm going to try and figure out a way to insulate them so I can straighten the ballast. I'm open to suggestions! Lastly came the fun of putting the horns in. I remembered how much time and effort I put in restoring them. Putting them in was the icing on the cake today! :) Tomorrow comes a new challenge. Onward and Upward! :)

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    I was thrilled after work today to find out that I located the Mopar #1689592 factory noise condenser that mounts at the voltage regulator! It's NORS but I've reproduced the labels so that's covered. Still a pricey little bugger at $40.00 $:Swearing:

    I must be insane... I mean really... Who the hell goes to such lengths! LOL

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    Nice! Here is a blurb on noise suppressors:
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 58Belvedere View Post
    Nice! Here is a blurb on noise suppressors:
    Nice reference Marc.
    Think outside the box. Use your imagination.

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    For anyone who wants to upgrade to electronic ignition this may help. I modified this Schematic if one would like to use a mid 1970's mopar distributor and ECU with the 1958 Plymouth factory harness. :)

    Here's the modified wiring for a 58 Plymouth when using the box...

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