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Thread: Bloodhound's Christine

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    Thanks for the information mate - that will be a very useful reference for the future. maybe it should be a little technical thread on it's own.
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Badass looking motor!! Great build for sure, outstanding work!

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    Nice!!! Congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood_Hound1958 View Post
    It LIVES! :)

    Sounds AWESOME!
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    Thanks Guys! Glad you like it!

    After waiting several weeks I got the call that the Oval Air cleaners were finished and fully restored. Took my breath away when I got home and put them on. I just had to see what it looked like! Nothing beats original OEM parts brought back to better than new condition. I had no intentions of putting the stickers on since assembly line Christine did't have them. I also got a set of washer bag brackets from John Fowlie and wasted no time in getting them straightened, cleaned and coated. The motor has been dialed in and the cam has been broken in as well. I'll be back at her next spring and hope to drive her next summer. :)

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    Nice photos mate - great reference for the rest of us to do our own detailing.

    Where did you get the washer bag from?
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Amazing photos!! I'm going to have to go through your thread in check this car out!!

    Like Whizzy said, where did the Jiffy Jet bag come from? Repop?

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    Glad you like it. :) The washer bag is a reproduction I bought from Gary Goers. He also supplied the new washer bag cap. The only negative so far is the exhaust manifold coating. It failed and they've already started rusting after running the motor in. I'll have to find a better alternative down the road.
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