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    Does anyone know of a UK seller for the smaller Fury and Christine models made by Auto World (2 Christine releases) and Hot Wheels (Various Fury models). Generally 1/64 scale.

    Does Auto World also do a 'Dinky' sized 1/43 scale Christine?

    Buying these from the US is difficult coz some sellers won't ship and others are charging over $40 postage!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ely1958 View Post
    Thanks mate....I'm bidding on that one. I think it's a shop with more in stock......
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    Not a Plymouth but I got this little Doozy from Germany!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    How about a Keychain Geoff for 9.00

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep, I want one of those keychains too, but a bit pricey......

    Nice model there Hog!!!

    I like to collect 1:18 scale models of cars I have owned or loved working on. I put my Opel Ascona between a Thunderbird and a Christine and it is almost half the size of the yank cars!!

    Only need a 1:18 Opel Monza to complete the set, but nobody's made one yet.
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    I bought a Micro Machine Plymouth a few weeks ago...that's really small!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Autoworld has been doing great as far as the re-release of this stuff !!! Next month they will be releasing the clear window version 1:18 scale model.

    If you haven't purchased the Dark window one , my suggestion is to jump on it ! You can still get them on e-bay and it is much more detailed then the original Joyride version. They are no longer in production and the factory has no intension on producing anymore . So what is out there is out there. Prices will increase after they stores sell out on E-bay.

    Some other great releases soon to follow regarding Christine !!! :0)
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    Thanks for the heads up Bill. Better to buy one now then pay double later.

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    I've got both of those in my collection, as well as the Mobilco gas station.

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