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Thread: Chrissy's Book Clone

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    Billy I hadn't thought that far yet but air tools should be lighter then electric and stay cooler. The first thing I will buy is the tip used to blow up tire's. It should be able to handle that OK.
    The size was a mistake on my part. Was shocked when it showed up. Up side is I should never need to replace this one. And get at the rust that the wire wheel couldn't reach. I am motivated again.

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    Chrissy, you are right...the ability to sand/media blast will make a massive difference to your work.

    you might have to invest in a good face mask and filters, and a pair of goggles, because blasting goes absolutely EVERYWHERE.

    You can also get some quite decent spray guns for fairly little money these days.
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Billy I was joking about the tire tip. This is my third compressor. The first two were used and gave out on me. I've been sandblasting for years. Even built my own walk in sandblaster years ago. I am going to try and get more air tools now because I won't have to keep stopping tell the tank fills up.

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    Chrissy, your hands look in very bad shape......arthritis??? How the heck do you hold that gun?
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Billy I couldn't figure out how you knew I had arthritis in my hands but must of seen them when you were hanging around my house.

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    I was wondering what ever became of your project. Glad to see your slowly getting back at it. It's a treat to see how people apply themselves to their projects depending on their skill set. Last thing I remember was you doing the upholstery on your seats and they looked incredible. I was quite envious. I couldn't sew a new button on a shirt let alone do my own interior LOL. How close is she to being driveable?

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    Sadly I had to start closing up my garage today. Hands get to cold to work with them and just when I started feeling like myself again. The new doc has me on a med that gets the blood up to the brain and I feel wide awake now instead of in a depressing fog. I just feel so darn happy and want to do every thing at once.

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