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Thread: Chrissy's Book Clone

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    This thread is great!

    Thanks for taking the time to bring it over onto this forum!!!
    Big M Auto-

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    Quote Originally Posted by SavoyPlaza View Post
    Fantastic thread, Chrissy. The car is coming along beautifully. You are very resourceful. I much prefer to see someone working in their backyard and doing things their way. Thanks for the photos.
    Pete doing it my self is the fun part. At least most of the time. I turn my music up and get out the tools and it just feels awesome. I never dreamed I would ever get to do this. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by big m View Post
    This thread is great!

    Thanks for taking the time to bring it over onto this forum!!!
    John I think I am going to love it here. The guys are making me feel so welcome. And you are here too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billy whizz View Post
    How about a honarary "Chrissy Mopar Award" for best car shed or man/woman cave!!???

    I love my workshop and am sure it is occupied by the spirit of my dead Grandad.
    Billy you sound like your very talented in many different projects. Are there any threads on here you would like me to look at?

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    The firewall pad was rotten and no way to use it for any thing but a pattern.

    I made a pattern from the old one and sandwiched a piece of jute between vinyl and EZ

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    When I got to this point I was it would never go back the way it should be.

    Next I cleaned the cluster and worked on the clock.

    The clock had a broken wire and the points needed work.
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    Nice progress Chrissy.

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    Does the clock still work? Mine is broken

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy1974 View Post
    Does the clock still work? Mine is broken
    Andy. John told me how to fix it. You can see the brushes that my pointer is pointing at. Clean and level with a fine piece of sand paper. Just like a electric saw or drill only tiny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CQB-241 View Post
    Nice progress Chrissy.
    Thank you.

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    This is where things went very bad for me. I tried to use the old fan
    and damaged my radiator beyond repair. I bought a new one but it was smaller and I had to make filler panels. I also had to go with a one wire alternator because I couldn't figure out how to hook up the first one.

    Next the carb leaked so I changed it with a Holly.

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    Next my heater valve leaked but John sent me a new ....bladder? Think that's what it is called and drew a pic on how to repair it. Sorry I don't have his drawing.

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    Next job was easier. Sand blasted and painted the dash and parts. This part I love doing.

    The blue shaft came with the car but Steve ( ThunderTruck ) sent me the cooler one and it worked perfect. I didn't like the column shifter.

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    I repaired the dust covers with Goop and fiberglass cloth before installing them. they were soft and no one will ever see them any way. Unless they look in here. LOL

    One more part completed. Very Happy I had to get the repair kit from Eastwood because I don't want to take a chance of all the cracks coming back. The horn only needed a good cleaning and polishing. It is so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off it.

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    It is on. Turned out I had the housing to high. I took a two by and hammered it down lower and the wheel went on.

    She pulled herself out of the garage under her own power for the first time in over 3 1/2 years. I didn't have any thing good to set on and could barely reach the pedals....but the motor started and sounded smooth, drive train all worked and the floor shifter worked smoothly. I took a video of the motor running but haven't found it on youtube lately. I was so nervous and happy to drive it for the first time in a few years. Only problem was the car wanted to take off with out me touching the gas.

    I replaced the bulbs in the cluster by putting green LEDs in there place.

    The surround is painted with a spray chrome kit. Don't look like real chrome but nicer then silver.

    added to dash.

    My dash.:)

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    You amaze me with your talent,incredible work,just keep it going Chrissy! cheers!

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    Her head lights will be green at night but look normal in the day time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ely1958 View Post
    You amaze me with your talent,incredible work,just keep it going Chrissy! cheers!
    Thank you!!! I only have a little more to go.

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    Outstanding work, she looks really nice! What is it with the kph speedo?
    You don't see them quite often, but I have one of these as well...

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    The radio with the LEDs

    And this is where I left off last year.

    OH and I am putting a new wire harness in. Worked on it most of last summer and it is not finished.

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