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    The point to which that red piece is stitched on the armrest is where the factory finished them as well. The part that isn't stitched is actually surplus and can probably be trimmed off straight down if the white vinyl is underneath it. They would have just cut a larger piece of red to make sure there was enough there when fitting. The upholsterer would have left it like that because he doesn't have the car to test fit things to see how they work together. Once you fit the stainless trim to that area it should be roughly where the seam is finished. Sorry to babble on but hope that helps.
    Oh yeah, and originally I was just going to have that piece glued on, but then decided I'd rather have it sewn in case I didn't use the stainless trim. It just seems strange that once one started to sew the seam that they just wouldn't go all the way. Also, it is glued at the bottom. It's a minor niggle, and I'll most likely trim it off or end up gluing it down.
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