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Thread: Lucky Pauls lowered Christine

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    Lucky Pauls lowered Christine

    Hry everyone! I know I have been in and out of this forum ( with my Christine couch which hasn't changed much) but I want to assure you, I'm here to stay!!

    I picked up this poor girl for 1900 locally. She is a 1958 plymouth plaza. She has lots of cancer on the rocker panels and the floor us completely destroyed theoughout.

    My goal for her is to build an AFFORDABLE christine clone while having it lay flat on the ground (air suspension and body dropped).

    I have already been trying to find parts... eBay of course. Haha

    I posted pics to my folder but not sure how to put them in this tread.

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    I forgot to add, she was the only 58 plymouth from the lambrecht chevy auction in nabraska. It was a dealership that took cars in on trade and let them sit forever! My car was on the road from 58 to 64 and then it was traded in And sat at the dealership till it was auctioned off in 2013!! A guy from Houston bought the car and sold it to another guy near me in austin texas. Neither one of them put the title in there name to keep it a low owner car. So for paperwork sake it's a 3 owner car! Original owner, then lambrecht dealership and then me!!

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    56000 miles but that doesn't matter since the engine is locked up solid (oil cap was off) and the floor and rockers and fenders are all compromised from the salt and snow from up north
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    What are your plans with this one, Paul?
    Big M Auto-

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    Quote Originally Posted by big m View Post
    What are your plans with this one, Paul?
    Sportone, red/white but with complete air suspension so the car will sit on its rocker panels!

    I'm thinking a 440 motor for it. Sometging with power, I want her to be powerful AND head turning!

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    Oh yes the Bastrop Sedan. Nice. Fafawfourty with a 4 speed would be cool. You already have the clutch pedal! Where are you located? I'm near Fort Worth. marc.
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    Where are the pics?...

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    I'm near Austin Texas in Lago Vista.

    Pics are on my profile?? Haven't quite figured out how to attach them here.

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    Arrg... sorry for crappy uploads... I'll figure it out soon!

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    hah wow that trunk is scary... mine are both worse :)

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    Lots of speed holes in that ol girl......

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    Paul you have your work cut out for you and I look forward to watching your idea come together.

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    It will be a lot of fun. I know some people just enjoy the finished product but I love the building part!!

    First up... I think the rear wheel cylinders om the drum brakes are frozen solid (back wheels don't roll) so that is step 1

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    Look forward to progress PICs mate,

    Congrats and goodluck

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    Ok. So I bought a set of hubcaps off ebay and I bought the only fender off ebay. Lol. So waiting on those to come in.

    I dropped the gas tank today... or whatever you want to call the thing mounted under the trunk, haha. I also tried to get the rear brakes apart and failed. I need a drum puller.

    Took the front grille and lights out. Grille is in pretty good shape I think and I already bought new lights and trim.

    I'm not sure what I got myself into. She is a pretty sad car that sat in Lebay's yard far too long... Just keep plugging away in her is all I can do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cloverdragger View Post
    I'm near Austin Texas in Lago Vista.

    Pics are on my profile?? Haven't quite figured out how to attach them here.
    Know it well, lived in Austin...Bubba land, So Austin...TX 22 years. Had some land off of Nameless road (top of Shady mountain) for a time. Keep it weird! Marc.
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    Nice!! We live about 15 min from nameless road. Why did you leave?

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