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Thread: Hemsby-54 2015 Rockabilly weekender

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    Growing up my only familiarity with Opels was the Opel GT, my old man wanted one, as they looked like a mini-Corvette. Plus, I do remember a few Opels on the edge of the Buick dealer's lot. I think they were marketed with Buick here in the states.
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    We had two Opels, a white wagon and a copperish wagon. Dads copper one was a '68 the other was a '67 or '69. They would go 80 MPH all day long. School was 7 miles away, On I70 @ 70 we got there pretty quick. Then I bought a 1958 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier, brother got the white Opel until he got a '68 Camaro. Marc.
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    The Opel Manta i sold recently was a Buick 1900 Coupe in the US, if I remember correctly.

    Sorry for the derail.

    Those PA Crestas are probably now one of the rarest cars posted on the ICC......coz they all rusted to hell.
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    if you stood close enough to them PA's you could hear them rusting
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    I remember the first time I saw a PA Cresta.

    It was parked up at night under an orange hued street light.... it was foggy and the front loomed out of the mist.

    I was blown away, I thought it looked just like Christine... I was even more amazed to see it was a Vauxhall.

    They're my favourite British car but thanks to the rust issues, I haven't ever seen too many of them.
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