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Thread: Claims This is an Original Christine Car

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1958PlymouthFuryChristine View Post
    That's almost like "reverse" Christine, with the story of how Arnie went about buying Christine. In the book, don't know if you've read it or not, but Dennis was there with Arnie at the time he was buying Christine. Roland LeBay asks Arnie if he has ever had a car before, and Dennis pipes in he has a Mustang that's all fast, etc., which I am pretty sure Dennis was lying about this about "Arnie's fast Mustang".
    I think Dennis almost said the same thing in the movie, but Arnie stopped him.
    Yes he did.

    Arnie say. , No. Just got my liecense."
    Arnie Cunningham: Well, isn't that what you're supposed to do with sh*t? Scrape it up with a little shovel?

    Arnie Cunningham - All of this because some drunk ran over that sh*tter Welch?

    Arnie Cunningham - you just saddle up and ride along with all those other sh*tters.

    Arnie Cunningham - 'Ung-ung-gooth-ung,'

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    what color would you do the engine? Gold or bronze?
    Greetings Mario

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    Well I claims mine is not Christine says it on the rear LOL

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