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Thread: The Motor in Martin's Car

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    The Motor in Martin's Car

    I've never seen or heard from anyone of what Martin's Car has for a Motor in it and it has me wondering what's under the hood of his car, does anyone know If his car has the 350 Golden Commando Motor in it? And does anyone know, If his car also had the 350 Golden Commando Motor in it, when it was used during filming? And If no to either question that I just asked about Martin's Car, does anyone know what his car has for a motor and what it had when it was being used for filming the movie Christine? I'd love to know, Thanks to all that can answer these question's
    Lance C.

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    This may help. or you could just ask him.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Thanks, Says nothing about what Kind of Motor it is in there, Look like I'll have to ask him
    Lance C.

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