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Thread: Ribbed roof trim clips

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    Ribbed roof trim clips

    High guys anyone know where to get the roof trim clips? And also where to find the sporttone trim clips lower and upper?
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    Maybe there's a solution for this old problem. A friend of mine (who is currently restoring a '58 Plymouth) told me that he found clips that will do the job after a little modification. They are too wide but if you cut them directly above the lower hole they will fit perfect.

    They are made by Au-Ve-Co and originally for GM cars. Parts No. is 13924 (GM #10013153).

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    Ohhh I see they look like they work fine! But how do I go about ordering them? I can't seem to find a search box on those sites to put in the part number ?
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    Thanks Mark! I emailed them and they said they've been discontinued.... I found em from another site and ordered them, hopefully they don't contact me saying they don't have them either......
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    How many of them are needed? I have to buy some too. Hope they ship to overseas.
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    I just got a refund they told me their also out of stock and they were discontinued..... Looks like those are out of the question as well anyone have any other ideas for fasteners ?
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    I just sent some money to these blokes. $11 for 25!

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    Thanks Mark! I just put in order just now! Hope they have em!
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    Well done Mark. Letus know how the order goes. I want some too.

    I found out a few years ago that clips for old UK Rovers, which were no longer available in the UK, could be sorced from a few suppliers in Australia. Maybe we should look over there if we get desperate.
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    Mark, did you happen to get your clips yet?? I haven't received any yet, wonder if they are out as well?
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    Any news on your orders fellas??
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    I haven't gotten em yet and I've been E-mailing the place, and don't get a response back..... My guess is there out as well ....
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    What about this company in the UK?

    Have a look at the clips shown on this page. I don't know the right size, so you fellas would be better off telling me if they have anything suitable.
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    Is this the same thing I was asking about??

    I've seen the clips Marc posted on one of my searches but now I can't remember. It might of been on Ebay but I'll search again.

    What about this Mopar page. Cars are later models but they have rocker clips....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just noticed they are out of stock!!!!!!!!!
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    I have found a company in the UK who will make up spring steel clips to order. I don't have any of the originals, nor do I have dimensions, so I cannot start talking to them.

    If someone could send me a photo of a good example, with measurements in millimetres I will talk to the company and see what kind of money is involved.

    How many of these clips are needed per car?
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    I have a mint set of factory clips here, i could send one up to copy ????

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    I believe 10 per side so 20 I believe.... If your able to do that billy put me down for a set! :)
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    I don't want to send anyone's clips to a company up front incase they get lost.

    Just a good photo and approx dimensions should be enough for them to talk quantities and prices. If it is not too expensive I may be able to stand the cost up front.
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    Cant these be made with a 3d printer? There small enough to fit in one,
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