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Thread: Hemsby 56 May 2016 CarShow & Shine..

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    I remember one of my mates had a late 60's Ford Capri and it had a ford windsor V8 and that thing used to get up and boogie..

    So the Consul Capri was based on a Ford Thunderbird and the Ford Galaxie Starliner. It's such a nice looking car.. Getting rare?
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    Awesome Clive! Looks like some really great cars showed up! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Clive, that's your blue/white Dodge Coronet, isn't it? She looks great! Won best in show I hope?
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    Excellent photos Clive! Thanks for taking the time to post them. I'm partial to your '59 and I had to do a double-take when I saw the infamous '56 Chrysler!! She's looking good!

    The '58 Ford sedan is classy, and I'm digging that Ford Consul Capri, too. There was one for sale not far from me a few years back. It needed alot of work and parts availability scared me away from it. I prolly should have pursued it, they are cool looking.
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    Looked like a good weekend Clive, some lovely cars there thanks for sharing the pics. I'm hoping to make it to an English show this year, the hayride at least! Just while there is all this talk on consul capris thought I'd show you a pic of a private dump a couple minutes from my house. I was told a consul Capri was buried there over 30 years ago and sure enough when I scraped back the surface layer of rubbish and mud it was there! This is a picture from Wikipedia also for comparison

    Very sad, they're nice cars!


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    Nice set of photos Clive. The Vauxhall Crestas all looked good.....and lovely to see a Morris Oxford for the first time in about 40 years!
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    Glad you had a good time Clive and thanks for bringing all the great pics back for us. I sure enjoy them.

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    Your Dodge is lookin fine Clive and so are those 49-54 Chev products, theyre the only Chevys Ive ever liked.

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    Great photos, Clive!!

    It's very rare to see any British cars other them MG at shows here, it was a treat seeing the ones you posted.

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    MG's weee the affordable sportscar of my youth, but they look sad and hopeless in modern traffic. They are often seen on the motorways...the slowest vehicles in all three lanes, with heavy laden articulated lorries overtaking them. Sad, sad, sad.
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