Here's my claim to fame for being in this awesome club: My 1957 Plymouth Savoy 4-door sedan, with the 301 V-8 and A/T.

It was a gift from my wife for Valentine's Day many, many years ago, purchased form an old high school teacher who looks suspiciously like George LeBay from the movie (Roberts Blossom). He was the second owner, making me the third, and it was running up until the early 80's, when he decided to park it in his side yard (almost mirroring the book and movie, lol).

Even though he didn't have a sign on it, she paid 100 dollars for it, and just did beat a good friend of mine to the punch...he was going to buy it, cut it in half, and make the rear end into a couch and the front a bar; he made the mistake of telling the old guy his plans, who then refused to sell it to him...his wife had named it "Priscilla", and didn't want to see her 'killed' like that....his folly was my success.

Knowing I couldn't start restoring it immediately until I could afford to (not having any spare $$$ with a new house, new son, etc.), I decided to strip all the parts off her, put them in storage, and wrap her in some tarps...where she's been patiently waiting for me to tend to her needs, all these years later.

Hopefully, her time is almost here.