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Thread: Ghostsoldier's '57/'58 Savoy 4-door sedan Christine book clone

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    My Christine has several bumps in her paintwork thanks to the crook that painted her Rob.
    But as several people have told me, no one seems to notice when they're having their picture taken with "Christine".

    In my experience it's only the arseholes that pick out the flaws or pick faults and they only do so out of jealousy.

    I heard one guy whisper to his mate at a show "that's not a Fury", I said "Of course she's bloody not, neither were the cars in the movie".

    Next minute he asked me if she was for sale.

    I said sure, if you've got about 40 000 (about $56000).

    When he protested, I said "we'll you did bloody ask".

    I also wouldn't want a concourse car, I'd be terrified of driving her.

    I pulled over for a Fire engine the other day and scuffed my whitewalls, I scratched a bumper wing recently too.
    I wasn't happy but I'd have been even more unhappy if were she were immaculate.

    Everything's good!

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    I agree, Lee... life's too short to be stressing out over the small stuff.

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