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Thread: Dan from the uk

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    Dan from the uk

    Hi all thanks for having me I am from the wirral north west England, I have been a long time Christine fan since the release of the movie and have now read the book 3 times and now currently searching for a real Christine.

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    Hey Dan..
    to the club mate,, Keep a eye on the For Sale region here as it gets updated regular with new finds..


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    Real Christine? There are 2. Good luck with your search! to the club! Marc.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    Theres a clone on ebay for 75K, hurry if you want it......

    Wel come aboard by the way...(-;

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    welcome Dan, ,

    have a good look around, , loads to read.......

    Post over 30 times I think it is and a lot more of the forum opens up for you.
    Build it yourself, then at least you know it will be right.

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    to the ICC Dan! Good luck with your search. :)

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    Hello and welcome Dan!


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    Dan and good luck finding a car!

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    Hi Dan, Geoff here...born in Liverpool - living in Shrewsbury. We are less than an hour apart.

    I have a half-built Christine in my garage. Look up Billy Whizz's Christine thread on the forum here.

    This is a great place for advice on finding your own Christine, and invaluable support for the long journey in buying or building one. It is one heck of a journey and you will need good friends to help you along.

    There are also may pitfalls in the process. The "don't do's" are as important as the positive advice and it is all free and willingly given on this forum.
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    Hi Dan,welcome to the club!

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    Wel come to the club Dan!
    Pete from Georgia USA
    "Stick with me, kid, and you'll have horse turds as big as diamonds."

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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys I think this is going to be the start of an epic adventure. Billy Whizz Well it's a small world eh! Will take a look at your pics soon, thanks again.

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    Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again

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    Hi Dan! to the mix. Always exciting to see someone new in love with Christine. You will find a lot of information on just about any thing you want to know right here on the forum. Or feel free to ask.

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    Dan, this is a good place to hang out!!!
    Dean from U.K

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    from Germany!

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    Hey Dan welcome to the Club

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    Hi Dean thanks for the welcome I got chatting to one of your friends Bradley Edwards he is in the middle of buying a 58 4dr I was looking at buying but he beat me to it haha and subsequently ended up starting the Facebook group with him ��

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    That reminds me....what ever happened to Wilycoyote's blue 4 door sedan that he bought from somewhere over near Hull? I know he had it shipped to Shropshire for converting to a Christine but never saw or heard of it since?

    (Sorry to butt in on your thread Dan, but I didn't know where else to post this at the moment).
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    I was originally from Liverpool Billy (well Crosby actually) emigrated to South Australia. now living in Leeds!

    I am pretty sure in the 90's someone was driving a Christine in the Leeds area, but never got up close to be sure, not seen it for years though...
    Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again

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