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Thread: Leigh and Arnie..............discuss the movie

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    Leigh and Arnie..............discuss the movie

    Follow this link, worth a watch for the Christine fan

    Interesting to note they get the year of the car wrong.....

    Build it yourself, then at least you know it will be right.

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    Thanks. Enjoyed every minute of it. Love it when the stares talk about the movie!!

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    I like the fact they had fond feelings about the movie experience, even when Alexandra couldn't cry on cue.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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    7:50. Tongue-in-cheek? Ask Arnie what that is and you'd get this answer.

    That's the first thing that popped into my head when Keith said those words. Another thing is I never noticed how his voice gets deeper as he falls under Christine's influence! But I definitely noticed now that he pointed it out. Great video. Very insightful.
    Hell hath no Fury like Christine.

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    I love this video so much
    My asshole brother brought her back in September, '57.

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    Just had to watch it again. Love it.

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