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Thread: 318 head bolt kit

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    318 head bolt kit

    Does anyone know where to buy a complete head bolt kit for the 318?
    Not asking for me but for a friend.

    Canīt find anything from ARP fasteners, nor on eBay.

    If they are not available as a kit, what specification are the head bolts?

    Grade 8? ARP says their head bolts are even higher than that.

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    Pretty sure they are grade 8.

    No kits are available that I know of, either used or new grade 8's would have to do.
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    For future ref: Measurements;

    I sent a message to on making up a kit.

    They just emailed me back:

    sorry we have no headbolts or studs for this engine
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    Thank you guys! Iīll give Mario this information.

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