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Thread: 1957 Dodge Coronet.... kids wagon!

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    1957 Dodge Coronet.... kids wagon!

    Not sure if this is the correct area to post this, but since I have decided to go off of the land of Facebook, I though I would share my build here.

    I picked up this fiberglass body from a FL friend Jesse in Kansas. He got it at a swap meet. After some research, it was made by a company in Mexico called Timix (or something like that)

    I built this in 12 days from start to finish. I heavily modified a little Radio Flyer wagon as the basis for this build. I wanted it to sit low so I had to change a whole lot of the wagon. I bolted the fiberglass body to the wagon with bolts under the seat and under the hood ornament. I used a shortened 57 Plymouth fender spear for the hood ornament, and 2 58 Plymouth Plaza fender spears on the rear wings (just for a good looking touch)

    I had a friend who owns a collision shop, help me with the painting and a local pinstripe artist pinstripe the hell out of it (and help cover up some of my imperfections LOL) However, I did paint the aqua and white myself in my garage.(first time painting anything!)

    I added LED taillights and headlights.

    Here is a breakdown of the Cost of this build...

    $100.00 Wagon and fiberglass body
    $100.00 on LED lights and battery
    $250.00 For the pinstriping
    FREE - friends donated paint and paint supplies.

    So i build it for around $500.00. Its more then I wanted to spend on the build, but nothing is free in life!

    It all came together great (some chips in the paint (bad prep/primer) but whatever, its for a 1 year old) and I gave it to my daughter for her first Birthday Present! She loved it!

    Now how do i step up my game for her 2nd Birthday?!

    Pics to follow!

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    My daughter's name is Wren (hence all the Bird stuff lol)

    A little video at the bday party!

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