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Thread: Headliner and Interior kits

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    Headliner and Interior kits

    Does anyone have a good reliable source for headliners and interior kits for a 58 Plymouth?

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    I doubt it for the headliner

    The stock card headliners are very hard to find

    Interiors are a little easier.
    Build it yourself, then at least you know it will be right.

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    The only one selling headliner kits is Mopar Mel.

    For a "do it yourself" headliner please refer to my instruction thread.

    You can buy all the interior stuff from SMS Auto Fabrics.
    But I strongly do not recommend ordering door panels "ready fot install". You may have to wait YEARS.
    If you have the old ineterior, buy all the stuff and let an uphosterer make it for you using the pattern.

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    That confirms my research. Thanks for the reply’s.

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    Carthom Upholstery has an original set and they can reproduce them to order. Pretty pricey in the $1000 to $2000 range from what I understand but a far superior reproduction to to Mel's from what I've seen.

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