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Thread: Hello from Minnesota

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    I have to ask. Where'd the name Doobster come from? It's funny. :)
    Hell hath no Fury like Christine.

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    It's a silly story mate and not that interesting.

    About 30 years ago I was lead singer in a Ska band, we did quite well at the time for a couple of years.

    My name is Lee, it's not much of a stage name and I've never had a nickname as my name is so short.

    I love Doo Wop music and although I wasn't into drugs, I'd recently heard that in the U.S. cannabis was known as "doobie".

    My surname is Day; I was talking to some other band members about stage names and whilst "spurting" a few out I said "doobie day".

    It kind of stuck and a couple of my other close pals heard it.

    My best mate later greeted me with "hey, Doobster.....".

    My email address contains "thedoobster...." but I've had to start a new one for sending more important information such as job applications.

    Everything's good!

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    Very interesting. I always wondered what your name meant. LOL. Pretty cool. Doobys just became legal where I live.

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    Ha, that's great. I think it's a good screen name. Why not?
    Hell hath no Fury like Christine.

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