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Thread: Im the new Guy!

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    Im the new Guy!

    How goes it fellow plymouth enthusiast, my name is Mark and im currently working on a 58 plaza restoring it to resemble christine but not mimic it. My plymouths name IS Christine just because I loved the movie and car ever since I was about 7 and have been looking for one ever since. I have more details in my bio but if anyone has any questions just shoot me a message. I post my project progressions on my instagram @forwardlookmark so give me a follow if you want.
    Thanks guy and I look forward to talking cars with you!

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    Hello and welcome!
    So what's under the hood if I may inquire?


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    Shes got a flat 6. I think its a 3.2 or 3.8. Not sure of the size.

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    Mark, I'm a former Plaza owner...

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    G'day mark

    Post up some pics mate, would love to see her
    Build it yourself, then at least you know it will be right.

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    Hello Mark. Always nice th see new members posting.

    This is a great place for help and advice for your project.

    When you get past a certain number of postings, (30??), the rest of the forum opens up and you will find plenty of interest.
    Captain Keep-On-Thread strikes again!!!

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    , Mark!!
    Big M Auto-

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    Hey Mark,
    to the Forum,,


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    from Texas!
    Proud member of the ICKY clan

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    How are you Mark? to this forum. You will find a lot of information at your finger tips. I went over to your Instagram link. Your Plymouth is nice, I noticed the Charger and Crown Victoria also. They appear to be pretty nice also.
    I see you are not far from Mount Dora. Do you know Randy with the black 57 Plymouth? He and his dad did a nice job fixing that up.
    If you have any questions, just type them out here under the appropriate subjects. Usually someone will get back to you.
    Go outside and enjoy life.

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    I know the Gardners well. I bought both my cars from them, one still stored at their place

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    Mark, Marc.
    "She'll Start, You'll Need These."

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