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Thread: Sportone Trim Hole Measurements

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    Sportone Trim Hole Measurements

    I recall on a now defunct Christine site, that there was a thread that detailed the measurements for sportone trim hole. While that site is still active with forum threads, the pics are long gone. Does anyone have these measurements, or did anyone save these pics?


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    I'm not exactly sure where, but I believe that info is posted on this site.

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    I saved this photos many years ago and they are even older. Maybe there were instructions along with these photos but if, I didnīt save them. So I cannot help explaining them.

    I think Chrissy also posted them 2016 (search "measurements") The photos are gone, but this also may help:

    Quote Originally Posted by INSATANSSEAT View Post
    We use paper templates. Tape them to a rusty hulk with the correct pattern and then poke through and trim at each hole. Measuring from style lines could come back to bite you if the body has been poorly worked. The paper templates will mirror from one side to the other. I think we still have the one from Geoff's fenders. I suppose I could fold it up and mail it to you. I would need to do the doors and quarter from my Belvedere though.

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    Nice one Andy!
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