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Thread: Unknown truck

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    Unknown truck

    I saw a cool car back in the summer but don't know what it could have been (it drove through my village).

    It was an over cab panel truck, something along these lines:

    But the rear panels were ribbed, kind of like an old Citroen H truck, like this:

    It looked like it had been rubbed back to bear metal and sealed, but might have just been painted grey like the Citroen in the above link.

    It looked really cool and got me thinking of aspiring to someday own some kind of over cab pick up as there aren't too many on UK roads.

    Any idea what it might have been?


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    Whatever happened to that one you were having built in TN mate?
    Build it yourself, then at least you know it will be right.

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    I have a '39 Dodge cabover that I'm going to make into a car hauler.
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    Steve, DT's wife Portia gave me the location of the truck.

    DT told me a friend of his was fabricating mounts for the truck as a returned favour.
    This would enable a Mustang engine and transmission to be fitted that I gave DT $500 for.

    The engine came out of a client's car that DT had put a new motor into, this client sold me the engine, supposedly.
    DT told me he would hand the money over to the client.

    I took the money over to DT when we all flew over to TN for the get together.

    The truck and the engine/ transmission went over to his friend to have mounts built.
    I think his name was Kyle.

    DT told me he couldn't push the guy that was building this stuff (Kyle) as he was doing it as a favour, so I didn't hassle him for too much information, I was more interested in the progress of my Christine.

    When DT went to prison, thanks to Portia his wife (who gave me the contact details), I phoned and spoke to this Kyle guy.

    I turns out DT had told him I was going to pay him to fabricate the mounts (it wasn't being down as a favour) and although he started work on the mounts, he stopped when DT failed to forward him my details.

    Also, DT got the Mustang motor for nothing, he just pocketed my $500!!

    I told this Kyle guy to stop all work on the Truck as I wasn't prepared to lose anymore money on it.

    I suggested he tried selling it, I knew he'd invested time in it and he had the pink slip (I think) so I said if we spilt the money in half I'd be happy (anything he got for it would be money that I didn't have in my pocket at that time, and he held all the cards).

    I kept in touch with him, he said he knew someone that wanted to swap it for a gun!!

    I said guns of any kind are illegal in the UK, he later said he'd forward me some money as he would be keeping the gun.

    I enquired a little while later, he said the gun wasn't working so he was working something out with the guy he got the gun.

    He texted me a happy Christmas message soon after and said he'd look forward to a beer if I was ever in Tennessee.

    I never saw any money and gave up messaging, just more bullsh**t from Tennessee.

    The Blue 4 door '58 spare car DT was going to put back together and sell for me was given to DT's friend.
    I said his friend could have the car as long as DT finished my pick up.
    Kyle told me DT had actually just sold the car and pocketed the money.

    Just like the whole DT saga, for my sanity I've just put it behind me, learnt lessons and moved on............

    I'd still like to own a pick up someday, possibly an over engine Cab version as they're rare here, but I won't be able to afford that for many years.

    I also be very careful who I hand money over to.

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    Bleh, nothin but a bunch pf lowlifes. sorry you had to go through all the hassle and money for nothing.

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