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06-14-2010, 11:05 PM
Guys, I've received a few emails asking why we are here.

Some moderators and admins all got in touch recently about concerns that we had been infiltrated by another bogus member possibly attempting to cause problems.
Steps were taken.
Some mention had previously been made about moving to a new forum but it was never followed through.
This possible threat opened our eyes to the vulnerability of the old site.

The old forum was something we set up within hours of finding ourselves homeless after our old club was forcibly removed from us.
It was on $$$$$$'s business forum.
$$$$$$ faced possible criticisms of a conflict of interest etc. and was threatened with legal action as a result of our club being there.
We couldn't leave him open to that.

The catalyst for finally moving was the Pop-ups and viruses members were reporting.
Some members were terrified of logging in, we had to take action urgently, it was damaging the club.

Earl kindly did a lot of research and work to find us this great new site.
We have to pay for this through club funds but it is far more secure, has better support and anyone trying to hack in etc. will face legal action from the company providing it.

Problem is we can't easily transfer all our old information.
We've got plenty of time, the old forum isn't going anywhere at the moment and will be kept as an archive of all our information. $$$$$$ may lock it as a reference area later.

This forum can do so many things, the Admin panel looks like an Aeroplane control panel, we're trying to find our way around.

In hindsight maybe we should've gotten to grips with it before opening the doors, but with the threat of possibe viruses on the other site, we felt we had to do something ASAP.

The site is still open to all who register, but then so was the old site.
The old site just had restricted areas until paid up members were given access.
We will have that soon too.

And if we did have a mole before, thanks, it gave us the incentive we finally needed to take the ICC to the next level.

Please bear with us.

I've spent several hours today looking at access rights to newly registered unpaid members etc.
I should've been working.

We'll get there soon and once we do they'll be no stopping us.

To infinitey and beyond......................................:D