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Thread: Old 45 records & more!

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    Look at these babys, all part of the package:

    Robert and Johnny: We belong together (from Christine of course).
    In the rain.

    Chris Montez: Let’s Dance.
    You’re the one.

    Heinz: Just like Eddie (big UK hit).
    Don’t you knock at my door.

    (Buddy Holly and) The Crickets : Maybe Baby
    Tell me now

    Jumpin’ vol. 1
    Slim Harpo : Shake your hips
    New York breakdown : Doctor Ross
    How about it baby : Emmet Davis
    Georgia slop : Jimmy McCraklin
    I’m gonna love you : Eddie Taylor
    Papa Lou and Gran : Little Victor.
    Everything's good!

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    A shame you have to resort to selling your collection, Roland Im sure will have an interest.

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    Slim Harpo! That brings back memories! I got seriously into that guy when someone leant me an album while I was revising for my 'A' levels. Mad a nice change from prog rock.
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    More, there's some great records here, all are great but the real treats are highlighted.

    Elvis Presley: I need your love tonight.
    A fool such as I.

    Kalin twins: When.
    Three o’clock thrill.

    Cruisin Hot Rod PICTURE DISC 45: The Earl’s: remember then.
    Billy Bland: let the little girl dance.

    The Dominoes: Sixty minute man.
    Have mercy baby.

    The Everly Brothers: Temptation.
    Stick with me baby.

    Skeeter Davies: Why does the sun go on shining.
    Somebody loves you.

    The Everly Brothers: Cathy’s Clown.
    Always it’s you.

    The Marcels: Blue Moon.
    Goodbye to you (?).

    B Bumble and the Stingers: Nut Rocker.

    The Animals: The House of the rising sun.
    Don’t let me be misunderstood.
    Everything's good!

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    After some email problems we finally made a deal! :)

    You can hear some of those nice records here:

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    I like making compilation cds of modern cover versions for long car journeys to entertain the family. Like the old/new version contrasts they played in the Christine movie.....nice to revisit old classics from a new angle. It also helps get youngsters into the originals. Daughters a firm Johnny Cash fan after hearing some good covers of his stuff and his more recent crossover covers.
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    I am an 'unofficial' manager of my friend who plays 50's music. Mostly rockabilly/r'n'r/blues classics, but he also has his own songs 'Three miles from home'. Some of them sound better than originals in my opinion. I like how he performs 16 tons and boppin the blues for ex. Hopefully I manage to organise a gig for him abroad next year. Make sure You like his FB page


    3 miles from home:

    16 tons

    Ready Teddy

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    We do have a 50s bar here in Ulm, if those guys ever make it to Germany, this would be a nice place to do a show!

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    Thanks Roland, I'll take Ulm into consideration.

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