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Thread: Air Cleaner Assembly

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    Air Cleaner Assembly

    New car in town!
    I met a girl on a local car meeting today who recently bought a 58 Plymouth Custom Suburban.
    The car spent 1-2 years at a dealer in Düsseldorf, not far away.
    Before that, it stood still since 1968 in North Carolina before someone did a "refreshing job", changed the engine which was completely stuck to a 1957 one (not 100% sure about that) and sold it. Car is in good condition, but for unknown reasons the air cleaner is completely missing.

    Can someone help what would be an either original or alternative aircleaner setup, matching this carb and engine?

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    Engine appears to be a '57 Dodge 325 CI.

    I may have the stock air cleaner for it.

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    Yes it looks like it´s this one, but I wonder that the oil filler tube is not where it should be. Instead it is on the valve cover.

    John, is this the aircleaner you mean? The one that goes to one side?

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