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    ChrisFBartlett 4-door 58 Belvedere

    It's a 1958, Toreador Red, four door Belvedere. All original. And she arrives to me, at her new home in Los Angeles, next week.

    I had been scouring Craigslists across the country for months when this one popped up, I immediately flew up to see her. She came from a family who's grandfather died in 2003. She was his car and he only drove it on the weekends - kept it garaged otherwise. They didn't say how he died. One day in 1990, with the onset of dementia, he simply pulled the car into the garage and covered it for the last time. It hasn't been started since. Over the years, the garage filled to the brim with stuff and recently the family cleaned out the garage. They worked for 2 hours before they got to whatever was under the cover. They had no idea he still had it!

    So she hasn't been started in 29 years (1990). I'll post a video when I bring her back to life.

    I've got the replacement side trim, and have ordered new whitewalls, and an original radio. Can't wait!

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